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Office Page Guide -
Excel Visual Basic for Applications
I have been using Excel through all versions since 2.0. (There was no version 1! I started with the one that came with a runtime version of Windows 2.0) I like VBA. Hope some of these code examples help you out.

One of my new favorite toys is DAX in Power Query and Power BI. I will be posting some examples very soon.

Access VBA
Doing lots of applications where reports are created in Access then exported to Excel and remotely formatted. Most of the Custom Functions I am building in one application will work in the other; simply change Recordsets to Cells.
Word VBA
It had been years since I had need to do anything with Word VBA. Most of my Word stuff is templates and mail-merge.
Formulas and Functions
Ever need that really strange formula but have no idea how to write it? Check these out. I will try to help if you , but remember I still have a full-time job and will not get to all questions. NEVER, EVER send attachments. I delete them immediately!
Excel FAQ
Here are my most frequently asked questions.
Others that are doing great things with Office
My Excel links page. Some of these are in languages that I cannot read and are marked accordingly. If the links don’t work, let me know. If you are giving free (or mostly free) advice, I welcome your links.
Other Programs
Within the last year, more and more of my work assignments have been in Access, Word and Outlook. I am planning to add sections for these programs eventually.
Got a Question?
Do NOT attach examples! The demands on my time are preventing me from answering most questions at this time.

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