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Here are a few code cuts of VBA that I have developed recently. If you use them give me credit. If the code does not work or you find a better way, let me know. See also my Formulas and Functions page


Absolutely, DO NOT send an unsolicited XLS file. Not only will I not look at it, but it will be immediately deleted.

The menus have been improved with headings so it should be easier to find what you want.

Misc Tools


  • Populate a Dialog Box (written for Excel 7.0) -- Grabs data from all over a spreadsheet to display in dialog  6/14/2000
  • Auction Application -- Custom UserForm, Cut and Paste, Fill editable list box     02/09/2001
  • How to Dynamically fill a list box and pass the value to another routine.

Text Manipulation

Dates and Time


Some people have asked me why I publish all this stuff. I do it for myself. Let’s say I am working on a program and I need a special technique. I log on and pull it down from the web page and I am ready to go. No more searching through 2 inches of code printouts.

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