Use Date in Naming Convention

I recently had to be able to save a file in a particular naming convention based on the date and hour. The company had already allocated 5 of the 8 positions (Excel 5.0a) for other information about the file. Here is the code I use for saving the file.
In the JulianNow part, I determine the Julian date the file is created. In SaveAsFile, I determine what time it is because the file will be produced several times a day and convert the hour to a one-digit code. NameFile = NameFile & SaveAsFile & ".PRN" takes the naming convention and mashes it together with my date and time sections. Example: I created this example at 10:24 on 12/24/96 which corresponds to 358A.
Sub CreateTransmit()
  Dim SendPath, NameFile, SaveAsFile, JulianNow
  SendPath = "C:\From\Host\"
  JulianNow = Application.Text(Now() - DateValue("1/1/" & _
     Application.Text(Now(), "yy")), "000")

 NameFile = "XYZB"  		  'B denotes file type
 SaveAsFile = Mid("123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO", Application.Text(Now(), "h"), 1)
 SaveAsFile = JulianNow & SaveAsFile
 NameFile = NameFile & SaveAsFile & ".PRN" 	
       ' Complete filename should be XYZBjjjh.PRN where jjj=Julian Date & h=hour
 ChDir SendPath
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=SendPath & NameFile, _
        FileFormat:=xlTextPrinter, CreateBackup:=False


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